Today …

I thought for a change today I would tell you about my day at work, I work for a well-known car manufacturer (or at least the local dealership where I live!) and I drive cars back and forward between the customer and dealership, if the car is coming in for a service.

My routes today

For example, and we cover quite a wide area of Scotland. So I can be tasked to pick up a car in the morning from say Inverness and bring it back to base, returning it later in the day when the work has been completed. So, a lot of driving and today was quite busy although I really only visited 3 places, Glasgow, Kelty (in Fife) and up North between Dunkeld and Aberfeldy (you may need a map to make sense of this). On second thoughts I will provide one below and show you where I have been, why I am I going on about this, simply because I thought something different from photography might be of interest.


I’m back …!

Recently my wife was going on a works evening out not too far from where we live, I thought as this was going to be in the evening and I was driving her there that I could kill two birds with one stone and take the camera and get a nice sunset capture. The night out was being held north of us in a place called Pitlochry and there is a nice Loch viewpoint not too far from there, ideal  for a sunset shot, I thought. unfortunately for one reason or another, we were later arriving at the venue so by the time I had dropped off my wife and arrived at the shot location, sunset had already happened!

Blue hour
Loch Tummel

Well, I thought, that’s a bust but as I was going to be hanging around to pick up my wife after the party I thought I might as well wait around for the Blue hour and see if there are any image opportunities arising then.






Bit of nerd talk here …

“Blue Hour can be defined as the period of the day when the colour of the sky ranges from blue to dark blue, followed by black sky or vice versa depending upon the time of day it is being considered (i.e. for sunrise or sunset). It is termed as BLUE HOUR based on the consideration that the blue hue in the sky lasts for about an hour. In reality, it lasts between 30 to 40 minutes approximately. Its duration also depends upon the geographical location and the season.”