Hello and thanks for visiting my blog page.

I am just getting into this blogging thing and am starting off with some images taken in the past, hopefully, will add an interesting story about how and where they were taken and more recent work as I go.

I am an amateur photographer and have been for a number of years, however, with family and work commitments I haven’t been able to devote as much time to my hobby as I would have liked; now that I have retired from full-time work I am trying to  do a lot more and where possible maybe even sell one or two images.

I have a website that goes along with this blog and can be found at My Website  I also have Flickr account and images are posted to Flickr  I also sell images from a site called Photo4me  if you are interested, I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to add any comments or ask questions and I will reply ASAP.

All images are copyright owned by Stuart Jack 2018 ©

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