Catch up time…

Well it’s been a while since I have posted so sorry about that (not that I know if anyone is reading these!) but I have been a bit busy and not had time for blogging, plus a few technical difficulties with my Mac!

I hope you all had a good christmas and new year, I certainly did but I’m glad it’s over with now. My wife and I spent a few days with friends over new year and of course the camera came along too, we stayed at a lovely place on the east coast of fife called St Monans (sometimes called Saint Monance); this is a lovely little fishing village with some unusual attractions as you will see later on.

St Monans can be found here just down from Anstruther, another lovely East Fife village ..

As I said, whilst there I took the opportunity for some photography and came away with a couple of shots I was rather please with.

Sea pool
Sea pool (Unused)

Just along the coast from St Monans towards Anstruther direction is a disused open air pool, this is a shot taken just after sunrise with a long exposure to smooth out the water.

Zig Zag breakwater

St Monans is famous for this zig zag breakwater which is hidden just behind the harbour wall, so you have to climb up on it to be able to view it, worth it don’t you think.

The previous shot above was sunrise, the following day I managed to get a sunset one, however it was a pretty popular view and these two girls understandably wanted to watch the sunset from a vantage point, so they were included in the shot:-)

Sunset View
The View

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