Today …

I thought for a change today I would tell you about my day at work, I work for a well-known car manufacturer (or at least the local dealership where I live!) and I drive cars back and forward between the customer and dealership if the car is coming in for a service.

My routes today

For example, and we cover quite a wide area of Scotland. So I can be tasked to pick up a car in the morning from say Inverness and bring it back to base, returning it later in the day when the work has been completed.

So, a lot of driving and today was quite busy although I really only visited 3 places, Glasgow, Kelty (in Fife) and up North between Dunkeld and Aberfeldy (you may need a map to make sense of this). On second thoughts I will provide one above and show you where I have been. So, why I am I going on about this, well simply because I thought something different from the subject of photography might be a nice change.


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